Microsoft has officially rolled out Target CPA and Maximize Conversions, bringing these automated bid strategies to marketers across all regions where Audience Ads are accessible.

Automated bidding offers an efficient means of optimizing campaign performance, eliminating the need for hands-on micromanagement, which is a boon for advertisers. With these advanced bid strategies, advertisers can maintain control over their campaigns, set budgets, and determine their preferred success metrics. Target CPA and Maximize Conversions aim to simplify advertisers’ lives by providing specific capabilities:

1. Maximize Conversions: This feature empowers advertisers to maximize the number of conversions within their given budget.

2. Target CPA: This allows advertisers to optimize conversions while adhering to their specified Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) target and budget.

Microsoft’s Audience Ads are native display ads strategically designed to assist advertisers in effectively reaching their intended audience. Leveraging Microsoft’s insights into user interests and consumer intent signals, these ads are strategically positioned across various web platforms, including MSN, Start, Outlook and more.

In related news, Microsoft has integrated DALL-E 3, its text-to-image generative AI tool, into Bing Chat and, making it available for free. This tool empowers users to create images that are not only realistic but also creatively aligned with Microsoft’s terms of service and community guidelines.